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Angus Third Sector Collaborative

The aim of Angus Third Sector Collaborative is to work together to share the wealth of skills and experience across the sector to better inform the design and delivery of services to meet the needs of communities in Angus.

Buddying Service

The Buddying service from the Sense (the charity everyone living with complex disabilities), which matches a disabled person with a volunteer, is now also available online, with buddies socialising over phone, videocall or letter. Volunteer buddies are carefully matched with people based on their communication style, hobbies and interests, with a focus on having fun together and becoming friends. They get up to all sorts; pottery workshops, music sessions, jewellery making, quizzes, book clubs, soap making, yoga classes and some good old chats. Virtual Buddying is suitable for individuals of all ages with communication or sensory needs. The project is free of charge and we send out the resources needed for sessions.

Care About Angus

Care About Angus is a home support service, providing a range of personalised services to individuals in their own homes. We are a non personal care provider and you may like to consider us as part of your care requirements.

Chronic Pain Courses

A selection of courses are available for patients with Chronic Pain or Long Term Conditions, please ask at reception for further information.

For adults living with persistent pain. These courses are run by Pain Association Scotland over a 5 week period, and places must be booked in advance. Each session lasts 2.5 hours over an afternoon, and patients will get most benefit from attending the full course.

You can refer a patient who would like to attend by contacting us with their name, address and phone number, please explain to them that these details will be shared with Pain Association Scotland, who will be in touch with full joining instructions. Courses run throughout the year, rotating localities in Angus.

Run free monthly chronic pain self-management training sessions in Arbroath, Forfar and Dundee, for which no referral is required. Patients can attend at any point in the year, and the topics for each session are advertised in advance – further details can be found via their website or by telephoning 0800 783 6059

For patients who are unable to attend the 5 week pain course, there is the option of an online programme called Pathway Through Pain, which guides them through a set of pain management techniques that help reduce the impact of pain on daily life. Patients can follow this course at their own pace in their own time. 

For adults living with persistent fatigue. Courses, which are delivered by a multi disciplinary team over a 4 week period, run throughout the year, rotating localities in Angus.

To support adults to develop the tools, techniques and confidence to better manage their condition on a daily basis. A 6 week internet based course run by Self Management UK, with participants logging on at times to suit them, for a total of 2 hours per week. 

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends is an informative website raising the awareness of people with Dementia. You can become a Dementia Friend and after watching their videos, enter your details and they will send you a certificate and badge.

It’s main purpose is to raise awareness when dealing with people with Dementia either in the workplace or when out and about.

Find out more at Become a Scottish Dementia Friend

Ear Care Services in Angus

Ear Care Information Leaflet

The aim of this leaflet is to give you advice about:

  • Ear wax
  • What can you do if wax builds up and causes problems?
  • Ear drops and how to get them into your ear
  • Removal of ear wax by microsuction
  • General advice about looking after your ears
  • Who to contact for Appointment

To continue reading please view our Ear Care Information leaflet.

Hearing Aid Drop in Clinics

Volunteers trained by the Audiology Department can supply and fit new batteries and re-tube non-dome hearing aids. 
Hearing Aid Drop in Clinics.

Improving the Cancer Journey

Are you affected by cancer? Would you like help connecting to supportive non-clinical care?

Why use our service?

Cancer doesn’t just affect your physical wellbeing, it can impact on every aspect of your life and the lives of those around you. Knowing where to turn for support isn’t always easy because you may feel overwhelmed by all the things that come with a cancer diagnosis. You may already be connected with cancer specialists and nurses but how well connected are you to the non-clinical support that is available?

Independent Living Angus

Independent Living Angus (ILA) is an online self assessment service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which provides professional advice and guidance. You register your basic details and enter sections of the website that help to identify possible areas of concern to yourself (or on behalf of someone else, provided they have given you their permission to do so!).

What are the benefits of ILA?

  • Find information at your own pace
  • Find safe and suitable equipment recommended by Health professionals
  • Revisit as many times as you like
  • Any partially completed assessments are saved until you are ready to continue
  • Find out how well you are ageing by completing the Life Curve

Find out more

Patient Transport

If you are attending a hospital outpatient appointment for the first time and require ambulance and patient transport to get there and back, please telephone the Scottish Ambulance Service to arrange.

Ambulance transport is available for patients who:

  • require assistance from skilled ambulance staff
  • have a medical condition that would prevent them from travelling to hospital by any other means
  • have a medical condition that might put them at risk from harm if they were to travel independently
  • have mobility difficulties that require the assistance of ambulance care staff
  • are attending hospital for treatment that might have side effects and require ambulance care on the return journey

To request ambulance transport, call the Booking Line on 0300 123 1236 or Text Relay 18001 0300 123 1236 for patients who may be deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.

If you need to cancel a journey which has been booked, please telephone 0300 123 1236 option 2

Patients are encouraged to phone as soon as they receive their appointment. You will need your hospital or clinic appointment letter when you call. For more information about booking ambulance transport visit the Scottish Ambulance Service website.

Social Care Eligibility Criteria

Social Care Eligibility Criteria Leaflet

This leaflet covers a range of information on social care needs assessment and the framework which covers the provision of care and support. It is designed for anyone who would like an assessment of their needs to determine if a package of support is required. This can feel like a daunting prospect for both those individuals as well as their family members and support network.
This information is designed to help you navigate the assessment process with confidence and knowledge about what processes are taking place as well as what legal rights and protections you and your family member have.

Social Prescribers

We know that taking care of your health involves more than just medicine. Social Prescribing can provide support for more than medical issues.

Your local Social Prescriber will spend time with you exploring what matters to you and help you to identify activities and local support which could improve your health and wellbeing. You can consider the benefits of participating in them, and we will assist and support you to plan your next steps.

Your social prescriber can help you with a range of issues, including:

  • Social isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Getting out and about
  • Life changing events such as birth, retirement and bereavement
  • Long term health conditions
  • Loss of confidence or purpose
  • Poor health linked to housing or housing conditions or
  • Struggling with financial issues
  • Accessing work, training, or volunteering

Social prescribing is available for everyone.

For more information:

Volunteering in Angus

Rural Wisdom

A community development and shared learning project that explores the impact of community-based activities that are led by older people living in rural areas.

Find out more on the Rural Wisdom website.

Voluntary Action Angus

Supports the growth of volunteering, social enterprise and local third sector development.

Find out more on the Voluntary Action Angus website.

Young People’s Service

Hillcrest Futures provide services to young people in the areas of:

  • Drug and Alcohol Support
  • Early Intervention and Support Service
  • Peer Mental Health Support
  • Relationships, sexual health and parenthood

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