What the MPPG has achieved for our patients so far

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The Montrose Patient Participation Group, have funded two plinths in the foyer of the Links Health Centre, which were crafted by Mr Mark  Ronaldson and were unveiled by Dr Orr, a former GP in Montrose and the Links Health Centre and upon the plinths were the busts of professor Chassar Moir, Montrose born Gynaecologist, pioneering researcher, and surgeon.  The second bust is of a young woman “Italia Turrita” who was displayed in Sunnyside Hospital prior to its closing then moving to Montrose Royal Infirmary.  Since it has closed the bust had been in archives.  

Both busts are displayed in the foyer of the Links Health Centre between the clock which also was saved from auction by Mr Dolan who since 1996 has tended to it and winds it up every week.

Special thanks go to Mr Eddie Martin who has been instrumental in having the busts displayed within the Links and to Mr Alexander Dolan who tends to the clock every week.